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Terms & Conditions


1. Who are we?

We are the RMH Car Sales, Ltd, a company registered in England with our principal place of business at Bishop auckland, England. Our trading style is “RMH Car Sales” and you can contact us 7 days a week during normal business hours on 07582 570308 You can also write to us by email on enquiries@rmhcarsales.com. We own and operate this website which you can view at http://www.rmhcarsales.com
2. What services are we offering?

Our services include
a) Giving you details of motor vehicles which we have available for sale.
b) Giving you an opportunity to reserve a particular vehicle for 3 days so that you may come and inspect it.
c) Arranging for you to receive further information and news about our business and arrangements for test driving a vehicle in which you are interested.
3. How do you purchase a vehicle ?

a) We are displaying our vehicles and giving you details of the specifications, mileage and prices but in doing so we are simply inviting you to do business with us. We are not formally offering the vehicles for sale on this website, so to purchase one of our displayed vehicles you will need to come to our premises and after you have selected a vehicle we shall be pleased to enter into a formal contract to sell it, and to assist you with making an application for a loan or a hire purchase agreement should you require it. You are of course welcome to telephone or email us about a particular vehicle in which you are interested before your visit.
b) We have made every effort to show accurate descriptions of vehicles on our website so that you have a sufficient understanding of the type and image of the vehicles we are offering for sale. However, we are not giving you a contractual description nor do we wish to enter into a contract of sale by description. That is why we invite you to inspect our vehicles.


4. How do you reserve a vehicle?

a) If you would like to reserve a vehicle for 3 days during which you will be able to attend at our premises and inspect it, we shall be pleased to make that reservation and we shall remove the vehicle from sale for the inspection period. You will need to pay us by credit or debit card, a reservation fee of £300 which will be returned to you whether or not you proceed to purchase the vehicle. This is the procedure for reserving a vehicle :

i) Click onto the section in our display entitled “RESERVE” and answer “YES” to the question “Do you want to reserve this vehicle?”
ii) Pay £300 by using your credit or debit card and following carefully the directions on the screen.

You will then have exclusive access for 3 days commencing with the time when you paid your reservation fee. If for any reason you are unable to attend at our premises during this period will you please notify us accordingly.

b) Upon receiving the reservation fee we will mark the vehicle you have selected for inspection with the word “RESERVED”.
5. How do you register for further information and news events from RMH Car Sales ?

a) You can register with us to receive news releases, information about promotions, to arrange test drives, and to be notified of marketing information which might be of interest to you.
b) By looking at the display of vehicles on our website and browsing through it without telling us who you are you will not be revealing any personal information about yourself. But if it is your wish to register to receive information from us or arrange test drives, and receive marketing information, you will need to provide us with some personal information about yourself. This will include your name and address, telephone number and email address and should you require information from us about credit facilities available to our customers we may ask you for financial and other personal information.
c) By following the directions on the screen you would be “opting in” to this information service and should you at any time after registering your particulars, wish to “opt out” of receiving further communication from us, or if you wish to tell us about a change in your personal information, or in the kind of vehicles which you are interested in buying , then you can do so by :
i) sending an email to enquiries@rmhcarsales.com or
ii) sending a written request at our postal address which is the RMH Car Sales,St Helens Auckland Retail Park, Bishop Auckland, DL14 9TT
iii) Telephone us on 07582 570 308

d) For information about how we will use the information you provide to us please read the next section.
6. Data Protection and Privacy.

a) We will not collect sensitive personal information about you – concerning your health, racial or ethnic origins or political or religious beliefs.
b) We will not disclose any of your personal information to any third party.
c) We will use personal information and preferences to enhance our promotional efforts and to analyse usage of our website to improve its content for the purpose of improving the site to meet the needs of customers.
d) We analyse all information received through customers or prospective customers so as to determine the browser type, the operating system being used, the IP address and the Internet Service Provider. We gather up this data for our own purposes and in a way that ensures that your personally identifiable information is never disclosed to a third party. Demographic third party profile data may be used to provide collective user profiles to our advertising and marketing consultants from time to time, but this will be done in such a way that you cannot be personally identified.
e) We conduct email surveys occasionally asking customers for information relating to their postal code, their age, or income levels – but such information that you may provide will be protected in the way we have explained and you may opt out of receiving future survey mailings by contacting us in the way we have described previously (by telephone / fax/ email / post).
f) It is possible that third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications and in that event we cannot guarantee that your personally identifiable information with us will always remain absolutely private, but we use standard practices to protect your privacy.
7. Lowest Price Guarantee

If you buy a car from the RMH Car Sales and find the same car available locally within 48 hours at a lower price, we will offer to refund the difference in price, subject to the following conditions

a) The alternative vehicle must be the same age, mileage, condition and specification as our vehicle.
b) You must get a written quotation from a professional motor dealer for the supply of the alternative vehicle and that quotation must be dated within 48 hours of your purchase from us and may not pre-date your purchase
c) The alternative vehicle must have the same or lower mileage than the RMH Car Sales vehicle
d) The option of refunding some or all of the difference will be exercised at our discretion
8. Your use of this site.

a) You are free to browse and print the content of our display and you may also download a copy of the content for personal and non-commercial use by you.
b) The content of the website is the copyright of RMH Car Sales and you must not reproduce any of the content, apart from the copying described under paragraph ‘a’. In particular you must not
i) Redistribute any of the content.
ii) Remove the copyright or trademark notices from copies of the content which you have obtained from the website.
iii) Create a database by systematically downloading and storing the content of the website.
c) If you wish to republish or redistribute the content you should make a request to us in writing or by email.
d) You must not use the website in a way that causes, or is likely to cause, the website or access to it to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way or is injurious to us or to third parties ; nor use it to send chain letters, mass mailings or any ‘spam’, or to cause annoyance or inconvenience or needless anxiety. In general you must use this website only for lawful purposes.

9. Accuracy of our Information.

a) We have made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate, and to produce up-to-date products and specifications but you should be aware that manufacturers of vehicles are constantly improving the design and specification of vehicles so that alterations are continually taking place. Do not therefore rely on information displayed on our website as a definitive and up-to-date guide to the specifications and design of vehicles.
b) The fuel economy figures referred to on our website are taken from the same test cycle which is used for official exhaust emission specifications, but you should be aware that under normal use the actual consumption figures may differ from those which were achieved through the official test procedure, depending on driving technique, road and traffic conditions, environmental factors, and the condition of the vehicle.
c) Much of the information provided on our website is derived from manufacturers’ manuals, from the DVLA, and from trade guides – so we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information, and you should raise with us any specific questions about the vehicles displayed whether before or during a visit to our premises.
d) All figures and prices are correct at the time when we publish our display of vehicles on the website but they are subject to change and it is also possible that the prices shown on the website may differ from the prices that are available at our premises. All prices quoted include VAT.

10. Stock Guide Vehicle Specification

a) You can download the model list which is used in the stock facility here. It is in Microsoft Excel format, if you would like this information in a different format please use the contact us form.
b) The ‘from’ price relates to the cost from the Vehicle Make & Model that would potentially be stocked at The RMH Car Sales.
c) The ‘from’ price does not relate to the cost of that specific model derivative which is used to produce the MPG (Miles Per Gallon) and Road Tax results.
d) The ‘from’ price does not guarantee the sale of a vehicle at that price. The ‘from’ price must only be used as a ‘guide’ to what you can expect the vehicle in question to start at.